In this lesson, we build from what we've learned in the Kite Cocktail course and begin to put the board into the mix.  Once we launch a proper sized kite, we will escort you far upwind away from any and all obstacles and proceed to getting your first rides!

Cost - $150/hr - Max 3 students.  


This class covers all the basics.  From rigging/theory, to flying your own kite and then even feeling the full power of the kite while you execute your first deep water body drags!  We will introduce the board at the end of this lesson, but will focus mainly on understanding the kite.  This lesson is necessary for you to advance to the Board Course.

Cost - $100/hr - 1 person
           $150/hr - 2 persons
           $225/hr - 3 persons

Our lessons

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**Rentals are subject to equipment availability.  Rider must be self sufficient**


This course is purely kiteboarding theory.  If you are not quite sure you want to commit to a full lesson, but want to understand how this whole kiteboarding thing works, then this lesson is for you.  It is held at the beach with 6 students and we do not get wet in this course.  Duration is 1 hour.

Cost - $30 per student

Our sessions

Paparazzi Special

We have a professional photographer ready to capture your lessons' or sessions' awesomeness anytime, anywhere.  Mar has extensive experience capturing water sports action in still shots or HD videos.  

Check out his work at

Cost - $150 for choice of photos or HD video only

           $300 mixed photos and HD videos

"Quoted prices are for photo/video coverage only"


If you are a self-sufficient kiter and want to do a bit of a down winder, we can offer you a ride upwind safely to Eustatia Reef where you can explore outside the reef or slowly meander back down wind.

Cost - $50 per kite

**Rider must be self-sufficient and has own gear.**

Our rentals and specials

Remember to discuss gear choices with your instructor.  Once you have gotten a taste of your first rides, we are sure you will be hooked.  Carib Kiteboarding can place an order for your new gear right here in the BVI and you won't have to worry about carting your gear back home.  We can make arrangements to have your new gear delivered at your doorsteps. 


Already kiting but just a bit nervous about the conditions?  In this session, we will provide you with an experienced instructor who will watch over you as you gain confidence with the surroundings.  We will give you a tow up to the reef and get you settled into your first rides after which the instructor will be in the chase boat making sure you are safe and will be there when you are ready to call it quits.

Cost - $120 per hour

**Rider must have some proficiency and has own gear.**